who is responsible for corona virus spreading in South Korea

government has asked prosecutors to charge Man hee, the founder of Church.

They are accused of hiding the names of patients of corona virus.

South Korea is fighting the battle of coronavirus outbreak.

In south korea  3730 cases and 21 deaths has been reported. infections spread through  Shincheonji Church by a fringe Christian group.

Authorities investigate that members infected one another before spreading  out around the country.


Laura Bicker said that the church was very sorry for causing concern.

church  now revealed all of its information  including all its locations and members.

We were worried about our members after releasing this information but this time is to support the government we are fully cooperate with the government.

Worst in South Korea

 City government filed a legal complaint against leaders of the church. They are accused of homicide and spreading Infectious Disease.

All members of the church have been interviewed and 9000 were showing symptoms of coronavirus.

 61year old female member of the sect was among the first to be infected.

Roman Catholic churches remain closed all Buddhist events have been cancelled.



Growing anger over the sect handling of the outbreak has sparked a petition calling for the church to be disbanded  1.2m people have signed it.

This investigation has been sparked who urged the Chief Prosecutor to detain the sect leader.

He warned that he would request a criminal investigation for homicide by wilful negligence. But this does not mean the church leaders will face murder charges.but  prosecutors will have to look into the case.

Once prosecutors have finished their investigation they will decide which charges if any to bring against the sect.


Claim of Lee Man-hee

Lee Man hee claims he is the second coming of Jesus Christ as the promised pastor mentioned in the holy Bible.

He founder of  the Shincheonji Church In Korean Shincheonji means new heaven and earth.

Mr Lee’s followers believe that he will take 144000 people to heaven with him

The source  says it has 20,000 followers outside of South Korea including in China  Japan and other areas.