Pakistani Doctors point of view on coronavirus

If we were in war any word against the  soldiers would be considered another war. two doctors in Islamabad had shifted into isolation for treating a patient  of corona virus infection. These doctors were not having Personal Protective Equipment. Basic PPEs may include face masks  gloves aprons and gowns.  in this crucial war for public health and safety such healthcare professionals are being invisible  because the state refuses to take responsibility for their health. Front line clinicians in government should facilities basic demands like PPEs and other protective equipements.

I’m a medical doctor and part of an organized effort to subdue the effects of coronavirus. The Awami Workers Party has been setting up medical camps in Islamabad and what I have seen in these camps is not  comforting me.

.Things are getting worse before they get right

. Coronavirus spreading and it can effect 50% to 70% of the world’s population could  be infected. From the looks it seems  Pakistan would not be an exception and the elderly and people having less community capacity is at need to panic  COVID 19   is not lethal A vast majority of public  recover  but they may require proper medical treatment  it is  challenge   that if everyone gets sick at the same time our hospitals  not be able to treat each and every patient in same mode.

good hygiene practices needed to stop.

The Young Doctors Association   criticize the government bad policies in this crucial time. Would you like to be seen at the hospital by a doctor who is an active carrier of a coronavirus infection a very logical line


Healthcare professionals concerned about own safety are not neglecting the ‘national interest’. If  an infected doctor , nurse  isolate themselves The more medical staff  lose  due to the infection it would be harder to fight back during a health crisis.