Latest Corona cases in China

latest corona cases in China first time from the beginning of the outbreak of corona virus there is zero new cases in Wuhan.   No new, No  existing suspected cases in Wuhan and Hubei  reported 34 new cases 8 has been died in Hubei further  819 new cases has been discharged  in China  reported by the NHC

Now 13 new cases 11 new deaths recorded in   Hubei and 922 new discharges occurred in China on March 17 as reported NHC

March 17 latest about corona in china

  • ew cases and 11 deaths in China
  • ut of 21 cases reported today are travelers from abroad   reported .Wuhan will require all overseas quarantine. 21 new cases 13  deaths  930 new discharges occurred in China on March 16 NHC reported

March 16

16 new cases 14  deaths  in Hubei  838 new discharges occurred in China.